This Sun., Feb.  25, the Publix Atlanta Marathon will run through Grant Park between 7:15 a.m.-2 p.m. with some road closures around the Zoo.

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pandas News

Panda Updates- Friday, February 16

Did you know that even if giant pandas will not be breeding, that we still see behaviors associated with breeding...
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Panda Updates- Thursday, February 8

We wanted to use today’s update to talk a little bit about the pandas’ diets. Bamboo is, of course, the vast...
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Panda Updates- Wednesday, January 10

Some of our panda fans have recently asked questions about Ya Lun’s eyes, so we wanted to provide the facts...
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Panda Updates- Monday, December 18

Now that the weather has been consistently cooler, Zoo guests are more likely to see the giant pandas, who are...
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Giant Panda

Giant pandas are very unusual animals that eat almost exclusively bamboo, which is very low in nutrients. Because of this,...

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Giant Panda Research

Take a look into our studies on giant panda maternal behavior and giant panda visual discrimination. 

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