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Panda Cam

We know the pandas bring you joy, and in these extraordinary times, we’re glad.

When life brings us extraordinary times like these, we at Zoo Atlanta come together stronger than ever with one focus: the more than 1,000 mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fishes in our stewardship. Please consider donating to our daily operations.


pandas News

Panda updates – Monday, December 6

Giant pandas are able to hold and break down incredibly large pieces of bamboo. However, I am often impressed by...
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Panda Updates – Friday, December 3

Sometimes, you can only work on “giant panda time,” and that certainly included one recent morning! Lun Lun had slept...
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Panda updates – Wednesday, November 17

Have you ever watched a giant panda eat? If so,  you are aware that their ears move when they chew....
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As animal care professionals, it’s our job to make sure the animals we care for are in good health. One of the...
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Giant Panda

Giant pandas are very unusual animals that eat almost exclusively bamboo, which is very low in nutrients. Because of this,...

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Giant Panda Research

Take a look into our studies on giant panda maternal behavior and giant panda visual discrimination. 

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Wild Encounter: Giant Panda

This program is currently on hold until December 16.Meet and feed one of Zoo Atlanta’s world-famous black-and-white bears during an...

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