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Panda Updates- Wednesday, August 31

It’s hard to believe, but September is already here! September is a busy month here on panda routine. You may have seen recently that Lun Lun celebrated her 25th birthday on August 25. This leads us into quite the whirlwind next few weeks. On September 3, Ya Lun and Xi Lun turn 6 years old. September 3 … Continue reading "Panda Updates- Wednesday, August 31"

Skin: An Additional Tool for the Versatile Elephant Trunk

Zoo Atlanta is very proud to have partnered with doctoral student Andrew Schulz of the Georgia Institute of Technology on this groundbreaking study exploring the amazing mechanics of the elephant trunk.  Additionally, Zoo Atlanta’s Director of Research, Dr. Joe Mendelson, served on Andrew’s doctoral committee. Check out the article below from Jason Maderer of Georgia Tech … Continue reading "Skin: An Additional Tool for the Versatile Elephant Trunk"

A year in review

Wrapping up the research year around Zoo Atlanta, I’d like to thank the readers out there who have been reading my blog here. It’s great to know that indeed, people are reading my posts! That is very gratifying, and I hope you all will continue in 2018. I’ve never done a regular writing series before. … Continue reading "A year in review"