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What big teeth you have!

Hello everyone, it’s Gorilla Care Team member Allie again, and I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. Today,...
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Savanna Hall awarded LEED Gold

On the heels of the completion of the most transformative project in Zoo Atlanta history, both the Zambezi Elephant Center...
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Panda updates – Monday, July 6

It’s a special day for the Panda Care Team because Po’s twins are 1 today! If you’re new to the...
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A boom of baby birds

From an itty-bitty spotted dikkop to a big, fluffy hooded vulture, the Bird Team here at Zoo Atlanta has been...
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Panda Updates – Monday, June 29

Giant pandas and red pandas are not closely related, with their most common ancestor living over 40 million years ago....
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Panda Updates – Friday, June 26

In my 14-plus years as a member of the Panda Care Team at Zoo Atlanta, I have never worked a...
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Secrets of lion social structure

We get two very common questions about the lions here at the Zoo: 1: Is it natural to have three...
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What is natural habitat?

Habitat conversion is, inarguably, the most devastating impact that humans have upon the natural world. Directly witnessing the effects of...
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Foraging enrichment

Hello! It’s Courtney from the Primate Team! I would first like to say how nice it is to see guests...
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A new chapter for three bachelor gorillas

Three bachelor western lowland gorillas from Zoo Atlanta will soon leave Atlanta for a new home at a new zoo....
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