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Corn Snake

Corn snakes, also known as red rat snakes, are a slender species of snake known for their orange coloration. This...
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Huacaya Alpaca

Alpacas are a domesticated, social species that live in herds. Although they originated in Peru, they have now spread worldwide...
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Nubian Goat

This breed was developed in England when British goats crossed with bucks of African and Indian origin. Goats were among...
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Oberhasli Goat

The breed was originally developed in Switzerland and, though relatively rare in the U.S., remains highly sought after for its...
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Saanen Goat

Saanen goats are one of the largest and calmest of the dairy breeds. They tend to do well as family...
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Southdown Baby Doll Sheep

Their name refers to their cute, teddy bear-like appearance and the fact that the breed was developed in the South...
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Gulf Coast Native Sheep

Among sheep breeds, these sheep are particularly robust in hot and humid climates such as the Gulf Coast of North...
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Kunekune Pig

Pigs were among one of the very first domesticated animals, and they have been part of human life as companions...
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Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Goats were among one of the very first domesticated animals and have been part of human life as companions and...
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Laughing Kookaburra

Kookaburras are the largest members of the kingfisher family. Made famous by the Australian folk song “Kookaburra” by Marion Sinclair,...
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