Southdown Baby Doll Sheep

Southdown Baby Doll Sheep

Their name refers to their cute, teddy bear-like appearance and the fact that the breed was developed in the South Down region of Sussex in England. This breed of sheep has a luxuriant coat that makes them very popular for their wool, which can be woven into similarly fine garments. Sheep were among one of the very first domesticated animals, and they have been part of human life as companions and sources of wool and food for millennia. Many thousands of years of selective breeding have produced a large of number of breeds specialized for different purposes and climates.

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The individual barnyard animals at Outback Station are rotated in and out of the petting zoo at various times of the day. Guests may enjoy time with the animals anytime except during the coldest or rainiest conditions, but it will always be a surprise to find which specific breeds and individual animals are there to greet them.

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