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Earth Month bird conservation

Since April is Earth Month, and Earth Day was just last week on April 22, I am going to share with you some awesome ways to help birds! Birds are one of the only groups of animals found on every continent, and some even migrate between continents! Here at Zoo Atlanta, we have birds from every continent except Antarctica. As I always like to say, there is no Planet B, so we need to do our best to take care of the only one we have … not just for us, but for the animals we share it with as well. We all know reduce, reuse, and recycle, but there is so much more we can do to help!

One of my favorite conservation messages to talk about is shade-grown coffee. Acres of the rainforest are cut down every day to plant things like orange groves and coffee plants. If anyone knows me, they know that they better not talk to me unless I have my morning coffee! However, many people are unaware that shade-grown coffee is much better for the environment then regularly grown coffee. Shade-grown coffee not only has a more complex flavor, but it is also grown in the shade of the naturally occurring rainforest canopy. These trees are the only home to some species of birds, like the red-capped cardinal and blue-throated macaws that we have here at the Zoo. One of the best ways to tell if what you are buying is rainforest friendly is to check for the green frog Rainforest Alliance stamp on the box. The Rainforest Alliance stamp of approval signifies that the company making the product promotes best practices for protecting standing forests; preventing the expansion of cropland into forests; fostering the health of trees, soils, and waterways; and protecting native forests.

Along with buying rainforest friendly products, simple everyday steps like using reusable items such as bags or water bottles, picking up trash when you see it, and reducing our carbon footprint by carpooling, can all help us keep the planet a little greener!

Liz S.
Keeper II, Birds

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