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Carnivore Conservation

As you may have heard, the new Quarters for Conservation programs were announced recently. The 2018-2019 programs are Rainforest Trust, Lion Guardians and the Pandrillus Foundation’s Drill Ranch. The Carnivore Team is very excited to say that we have two species in our care that are benefiting this year: fossa and African lion!

We’re teaming up with Rainforest Trust to help save fossas in Madagascar. Rainforest Trust is establishing a 3,460-acre protected rainforest reserve to help protect fossas’ fragile habitat. The reserve will be employed by members of the local community. Rainforest Trust is also providing education and training to locals. A research station is also being built so researchers can learn more about fossas and other endangered animals found only in Madagascar.

To help save lions, we’ve partnered with Lion Guardians. The Lion Guardians program employs young Maasai warriors, who once viewed lion killing as a rite of passage, to become lion protectors by training them on methods to help their communities coexist with lions. Lion Guardians also monitors lion populations via radio-tracking and works to lion-proof livestock pens. Their efforts prevent an average of 50 lion hunts a year and lessen the economic cost of livestock loss to local farmers.

Unfortunately, both lions and fossas are becoming endangered and need our help! Luckily, you can help save them by visiting Zoo Atlanta and voting. Twenty-five cents of your admission price goes directly into saving these species, and by voting, you can help choose which of the three programs you’d like to see benefit most from our support. To vote, visit the Quarters for Conservation kiosk near the Zoo’s entrance. Also, don’t forget to visit our fossa (Logan) and the lions (Hatari, Hondo and Azizi) to congratulate them on being Quarters for Conservation species. They are certainly enjoying all of the attention!
Kelly Daire
Keeper I, Mammals

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