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Career Corner: Multimedia

Name: Mark KamannMark Kamann Career Corner

Position Title: Multimedia Assistant

Education: Bachelor’s degree from Art Institute of Atlanta in Digital Film

Hometown: Vidalia, Ga.

Length of time at Zoo Atlanta: 1 year and 4 months

Tell us about your job and any projects you are working on.
The Multimedia Team is responsible for the Zoo’s videos and photographs, as well as the signage on grounds. I assist with the creation of media by taking photographs of animals, filming videos, editing photos and videos, installing signage on grounds, and building interactive digital signage like those seen in the new Zambezi Elephant Center. With the opening of the all-new African Savanna, we have had the opportunity to add digital signage and touch-screen technology to the Zoo to enhance the guest experience. The new digital signage at the Zambezi Elephant Center includes videos from Conservation South Luangwa and interactive signage that allows guests to learn what it’s like to be an Elephant Care Team Member. Guests can select different tools on the screens to see videos of them in action by the Elephant Care Team. Tools include a radio to communicate with teammates or a skid loader used to scoop up after the elephants!

What attracted you to this field?
I am a visual person and enjoy being able to tell a story through creative means like photography or video. I took a film class in high school, and ever since, I have had an interest in video. I enjoy the hands-on nature of my job. I was attracted to this position at Zoo Atlanta because it gave me the opportunity to connect my passion for film with my interest in animals. My role at Zoo Atlanta allows me behind-the-scenes access, to be up close to these amazing animals. I love photographing and taking video of all the animals here. With the African Savanna opening, I have spent a good deal of time photographing the elephants. That has been a great opportunity and experience.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career so far?
The best part of my job is getting to do what I love each day, whether that be getting the opportunity to be up-close-and-personal with the animals while photographing them, or videoing staff training videos, it is never dull. Recently I was involved with taking video and photos of the elephants when they moved from their old habitat to their new habitat. To see them walk into this large new space for the first time and enjoy it was amazing.

What prepared you for your job? What advice would you give to students interested in this field/career?
I studied film at the Art Institute of Atlanta, so I would say education is an important part of preparing for this career. Creative fields like videography also require experience, connections, and lots of practice. Students interested in this field should get out and photograph or film as much as possible to be able to build their skills and experience. Talking with those already in the field is also a great way to learn about it, to network, and build necessary connections to find opportunities. But ultimately, you need a passion for it!

April Anderson
Manager of Volunteer Programs

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