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Bee-autiful Blossoms!

At Zoo Atlanta, we care for creatures big and small. This includes our pollinators! Everything from bees to butterflies can find a bloom to perch on here at the Zoo, and YOU could be their next landing spot with your very own pollinator garden!

Why plant for pollinators?
Many pollinators, such as bees, are considered keystone species. Their role in their ecosystem is vital to the success and sustainability of their habitat. By making sure plants have what they need to reproduce, they help maintain healthy plant populations, which in turn feed primary consumers, who then feed other consumers. Keeping our pollinators healthy keeps us and other animals fed!

What you need:
Window box planter(s), flower pot(s), or a small patch of yard
Potting soil
Seeds: For this time of year, spiderwort, winter honeysuckle, and wild indigo are recommended by Georgia Center for Urban Agriculture (

What to do:
Prep your planter, flower pot, or patch of yard by adding some potting soil to your preferred planter. Make sure the soil is not too tightly packed, or your plants may find it hard to grow. Next, create a few small holes in your planter with your trowel. These holes will collect the seeds for your pollinators’ favorite plants. Add your seeds and cover them with a layer of fresh potting soil. Water regularly, place them in some sunshine, and watch them grow! As they grow, keep an eye out for your favorite pollinators stopping by for a rest, a little nectar, and pollen!

For more information about pollinators, visit !

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