Radiated Tortoise

Radiated Tortoise

Radiated tortoises are only native to the island of Madagascar but have been introduced to two other small islands to the east – Réunion and Mauritius. They are named for the yellow lined patterns on their shells. They are herbivores and much of their diet comes from grazing on grasses, which helps keeps plants trimmed back. The illegal pet trade and poaching are major threats, and conservation efforts are underway to save this critically endangered tortoise.

Astrochelys radiata


Madagascar [VIEW MAP]

Dry Forests, Scrublands

In the warmer months, the radiated tortoises can be found outside of Scaly Slimy Spectacular, next to the Aldabra tortoises and inside of the main domed building. In the cooler months, these tortoises will only be in their indoor habitat.

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