Panamanian Golden Frog

Panamanian Golden Frog

Panamanian golden frogs are native only to central Panama, where they have been viewed as symbols of good luck for centuries. Unfortunately, an epidemic of chytrid, a fungus highly dangerous to amphibians, has eliminated their populations, and the Panamanian golden frog is considered extinct in the wild. Their species is now maintained in carefully managed survival-assurance breeding groups at facilities in Panama and in the U.S., including Zoo Atlanta.

Atelopus zeteki


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Cloud Forests, Mountains

The Panamanian golden frogs can be seen virtually anytime in Scaly Slimy Spectacular. While many frog species are secretive and nocturnal, the Panamanian golden frog is the opposite, so on any given day, you are very likely to see these brightly-colored frogs walking about. Be sure to also check in the water to see if there are any tadpoles. The tadpoles are tiny and whitish with gold flecks and are usually found clinging to underwater surfaces with their specialized sucker-shaped mouths.

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