Clouded Leopard

Clouded Leopard

The intricate color patterns on these medium-sized cats provides excellent camouflage across a variety of habitats in southeastern Asia. Clouded leopards are secretive and mostly nocturnal and are adept climbers. In addition to habitat loss, they also face poaching for their pelts, bones and other body parts for traditional medicines.

Neofelis nebulosa


Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia [VIEW MAP]

Mountains, Rainforests

Clouded leopards can be a fun challenge to spot, as they are very well camouflaged and secretive. Take a few minutes to look very carefully among the rockwork and plants, and you just might be successful in finding this gorgeous animal. Late afternoons can be a good time to find the cat moving about. On colder or rainier days, our clouded leopard may choose to spend time in her indoor area.

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