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Composting 101

Our last Conservation Blog gave some great pointers on how to eat sustainably this summer. This week, we’re keeping the food sustainability train rolling and talking about composting! Composting is hardly the ultra-granola concept it seemed a decade ago, which is GREAT, because growing popularity means tools and knowledge are becoming more accessible. This is … Continue reading "Composting 101"

Protecting the critically endangered species still with us

Every few years there is a frenzy in the media about efforts to use modern genomic technology to recreate long-extinct or recently extinct species. Often referred to as de-extinction, it first became heavily discussed after a series of TED talks were posted in 2013; see links below. Extinct species getting all the attention are, unsurprisingly, … Continue reading "Protecting the critically endangered species still with us"

A special Earth Day birthday

Earth Day is always cause for celebration, but here on the Mammal Team, there’s an extra special meaning to this day: it’s Sparky’s birthday! Sparky is a Sumatran tiger, one of two at Zoo Atlanta. This Monday, April 22, also known as Earth Day, Sparky will be turning 15! Sparky was born at the Fort … Continue reading "A special Earth Day birthday"