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96 Elephants

96 Elephants

Ninety-six elephants are killed every day in Africa, and the U.S. is one of the world’s largest markets for ivory. Change is in numbers! Zoo Atlanta and more than 100 of our fellow zoos have joined the Wildlife Conservation Society’s 96 Elephants campaign.

Add your voice, and join the herd!
Find out more and sign the petition at 96elephants.org

A full-grown elephant has no natural predators besides humans. Young calves and older individuals are susceptible to predation by lions and other savanna predators. While African elephants are considered vulnerable, their status in the wild walks a thin line and is determined by each range country. Disease and poaching remain a threat.

Zoo Atlanta is a member of the AZA African Elephant Species Survival Plan (SSP). Zoo Atlanta’s Conservation Endowment Fund provides financial support through the International Elephant Foundation for conservation-related activities.

Join Zoo Atlanta and the 96 Elephants Campaign to start recycling to save elephants! This program allows students to have a direct impact in saving elephants by collecting and sending in electronics to be recycled with the Cartridges for Kids program.

96 Elephants Hangout On Air

Original broadcast date: May 21, 2014

Connected Classroms, High School level, elephants, conservation, science
We caught up with the foremost experts in elephant conservation for an up-close view on elephants and the extinction they face in the wild. Discover what makes them such extraordinary animals, and learn what actions you can take to help save them in the recorded version of our May 21 Hangout On Air.


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