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Who’s Baloo?

The Carnivore Team has been hard at work getting ready to welcome a new addition to our animal population. We’ve completed the habitat remodel and are excited to welcome him to his new home. I wonder if you can guess what species he is? Let me give you some hints.

The species is native to the dense subtropical forests of southeast Asia. Although it is classified in Order Carnivora, its dietary habits are omnivorous. Wild counterparts consume primarily figs and other fruits, but are also adept hunters that regularly consume insects, birds and small mammals. Speaking of classification, meerkats and fossas are the closest living relatives of this species.

Although this species is considered arboreal, it is much too large to move through the trees without special adaptations. Rotating ankle joints give our new friend the unique ability to descend from trees headfirst, and his prehensile tail gives him stability should he need it. Possibly the most unique feature of this animal is its smell. Many people believe that the odor that this animal emits smells like corn chips or buttered popcorn (and it really does!). Okay, maybe that last one was too easy of a hint.

If you guessed binturong, you’d be bintu-right! Our new friend, Baloo, has moved to his new home at Complex Carnivores soon, and we can’t wait to introduce him to you!
Jenny E.
Lead Keeper, Carnivores

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