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Which bird are you based on your zodiac?

Hello everyone! My name is Kyle, and I’m one of the Bird Keepers here at Zoo Atlanta.  It’s that time of year where people are checking their horoscopes and seeing which character they would be based on their zodiac sign. So, let’s see what bird from Zoo Atlanta you would be based on your zodiac.

If Aquarius is your sign, then you have the privilege to be our female milky eagle owl. She is definitely original and has her own way of doing things. Along with this, she is very independent. Even if the male brings her a mouse, she will usually just fly by him to go retrieve her own mouse. Another reason that she fits the Aquarius sign is that she can be uncompromising. She is very protective during the breeding season and if we are cleaning the habitat, there are times where she will swoop down to let us know that we should go another way to clean.

Our blue-throated Macaw, Miguel, represents the Pisces sign very well. Miguel is a very gentle macaw who can be a little skittish around a new keeper. Like most macaws, Miguel is really smart and catches on quickly to behaviors that we train to enrich and make sure that he is receiving the best care. As a Pisces, Miguel is musical; well, in macaw squawks that is. Macaws are very vocal and will make all kinds of noise throughout the day. If you’re ever looking for the macaws just keep an ear out!

For the Aries sign there is no bird better than our king vulture, Roswell. Roswell is a very determined bird and does not shy away from challenges often. When she sees something that she wants, you best be getting out of her way. Like most Aries, Roswell does have a tough side that we have to be aware of when entering her habitat, especially when she is showing signs of being impulsive. Roswell is also very passionate and shows a great interest in some of our keepers, especially Monica who you can see Roswell run over to greet.

The sign of Taurus would be our female rhinoceros hornbill, Nancy. Nancy is reliable and consistent. During training sessions, four out of five times she will do the behavior on the first cue and can often be seen hanging out on one or two perches when we walk by to check on her. With her being so consistent, Nancy is not a fan of changes. If a perch gets moved or if a new piece of enrichment is put into the habitat, she will freeze and move extra cautiously for the next hour or so. When they have eggs, Nancy is very responsible and devoted to her eggs and the care of the nest box that she and Bob fix up together.

The bird for Gemini would be the kori bustard, Zola. Zola is a very gentle bird who is always curious and checking out what is happening in her habitat. She does sometimes come off as indecisive when choosing which way to go or which worm to eat. Whichever choice she does end up making, she is always able to adapt to it. Zola is not a fan of being alone, and you will usually find her spending time and following our other kori bustard, Tuza, around the habitat.

Gregory, the white-faced whistling duck, is a bird that best represents those under the sign Cancer. Gregory is very tenacious for his girlfriend, Gretchen, and can always be seen courting and trying to catch her eye. If she goes too far from him, you can hear him give his little whistle cry for her to find him. He is very loyal to Gretchen and devotes a lot of his time to her. Gregory can appear to be a little insecure and suspicious of others but is still a younger duck who is growing into his own.

All of the Leos out there, your bird would be Waka Flocka, the female wattled crane. She is very humorous to watch when she dances with her mate in the yard. This bird can seem a little self-centered as she is always in the spotlight and if she does not have your attention, she will get it. She is very passionate about her sticks and will begin jumping, followed by runs around their habitat when they get new options.

Crested wood partridge, Ja Roul Roul, is the bird representing the Virgos out there. He is a very hardworking bird and comes across as analytical when helping build their nest in the tall grasses or leaves. If his girlfriend leaves his sight, Ja Roul Roul will start to run around looking for her as if he were worried about her. He is super loyal to his girlfriend and often demonstrates kindness by bringing her a little worm for a snack.

The bird for Libras is the lappet-faced vulture, Anubis. Anubis is a guy who tries to keep the peace in the habitat. He is very cooperative with Amana when building a nest and always tries to bring sticks into the shed for her (even the ones that he can’t get through the door). Most of the time Anubis will be the less dominant of the three vultures and will attempt to avoid confrontations. That said, he is social and will be seen hanging near the other two throughout the day.

The bird that would represent Scorpio is the southern ground hornbill, Zazu.  Zazu is a powerful lady who will not hesitate to bang or knock around her enrichment. If there is something that Zazu is interested in, she will become very resourceful and obtain whatever it is that she is looking for. It can come across as being manipulating to keepers when trying to get what she wants, so we are always keeping an eye on her. She shows little fear and is a great representative for Scorpios.

For Sagittarius, we have Grigsby the Indian peafowl, also known as the common peafowl. This bird has no problem speaking his mind and will vocalize to anyone or anything he comes across. Grigsby is always generous with his looks and can be seen displaying several times throughout the day during the breeding season. When you have something that interests him, he will be right beside you ready to go. That said, once he has gotten what he was interested in, he will have no further need for you and walk away. Grigsby is one of a kind and a must-see in his aviary.

Last, but not least, we have MC the hamerkop for the Capricorns. MC is a very focused and dedicated bird when it comes to building a nest. He will be persistent at seeking out any and all sticks for the huge nest that they build. Even when the woodhoopoes or superb starlings steal from his nest, he just keeps on going. Aside from being a hard worker, MC is more of a cautious bird and sometimes even looks like he is expecting the sky to fall, similar to how Capricorns can expect the worst to happen sometimes. MC can also be ambitious and put all his focus onto whatever he is trying to achieve that day.

These are just a few of the birds who live here at Zoo Atlanta. There may be many more who would also be good representatives for each of the signs. Next time you come to visit, be sure to watch and observe the birds to see what traits and behaviors they display. Have a great day, everyone, and a Happy New Year!

Kyle N.
Keeper I, Birds

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