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What’s on Logan’s menu?

Have you happened to walk by the fossa, Logan, and seen him eating a snack? Have you wondered what he is eating? Depending on what day of the week it is, you can see him eating a variety of things! Here at Zoo Atlanta, we try to mimic the natural diet that the animals would eat in the wild. In the case of Logan, who is a carnivore, several days a week, he receives a commercially-prepared carnivore beef diet, which consists of all parts of the cow, except for the central nervous system, bones and hide. He also receives chunk beef, pieces of chicken and hardboiled eggs that we can easily scatter throughout his habitat or put in some of his enrichment items. Three times a week, Logan is fed a meal that consists of a whole animal or part of a whole animal, either a quail or a rabbit. These foods arrive at the Zoo frozen and are thawed when needed. These naturalistic feeding opportunities are very beneficial for Logan in that they allow him to use natural behaviors and to digest fur, feathers or bones as he would in the wild. Most carnivores don’t hunt or eat every day, so to mimic this natural fasting, we also give Logan a large knucklebone once a week. The bone has a little bit of meat on it that he can tear off. He will spend time chewing and licking the bone, which helps keep his teeth clean and his jaw muscles in prime form. Next time you see Logan, you might see him eating one of these foods!
Sarah S.
Swing Keeper I, Mammals

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