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Tuesday, October 4

Hi everyone! My name is Ashley Webb, and I’m a seasonal primate keeper caring for our 21 gorillas here at Zoo Atlanta. I’ve grown up around the Zoo, and I got my start as an intern in the Elephant Department. A year later I became an intern in the Primate Department, specifically with gorillas. That led to a seasonal position in primates, and so now I’m here hanging with you all! The Zoo has really felt like home to me; it truly is a big family and the relationships we, as keepers, get to form with the animals is amazing and indescribable.

We have exciting news!  Have you seen pictures of our new addition to the gorilla family group?  Kudzoo gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday, September 18. I and two other keepers were inside the Ford Willie B. Gorilla Conservation Center for a training demonstration and everything seemed normal. Once the demo was over, we went to do an afternoon fruit feeding and noticed Kudzoo had walked to the back of the habitat. We went to the roof to get a better view. We got to the roof just in time to see her pop up with the tiny new baby in her arms! I was so excited that I was there and able to witness such a special event. Her birth window had just started, so all of the keepers were keeping a close eye on her. Kudzoo is an experienced mom, but the first thing we needed to check for was that the baby was nursing and clinging well. All was okay, and baby and mom are doing great! We are continuing to keep a close eye on them to ensure that they continue to do well and the baby is healthy. If you stop by Zoo Atlanta anytime soon, make sure to check out Gorilla Habitat Three for our new sweet baby girl. You can probably find her hitching a ride on mom’s leg.

I feel so blessed by Zoo Atlanta and everyone in it, whether they walk on two feet or all fours. From our family to yours, have a fantastic day!

Hold on – I almost forgot that it’s college football season already! So before I go…can I get a GO DAWGS!
Ashley Webb
Seasonal Keeper, Primates 

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