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Tuesday, April 19

Flowers are in bloom all across the Zoo, the animals are getting out enjoying the stronger sun, sounds of wildlife fill the air, and temperatures are rising. This could only mean one thing. Spring is here! And with the cold behind us, it is finally time to bring out the last of our birds to their summer habitats!

Birds that are being moved have been housed off-exhibit for the cold winter weather but will be out in about in their warm-weather habitats within the next couple of weeks. Of these birds, the majority will return be put into The Living Treehouse. Some of the public favorites like the hammerkops will be back, as well as the scarlet ibis and racket-tailed rollers.

We are especially excited that we have finally found a girlfriend for our male racket-tailed roller. It’s taken several years (there are very few birds of this species in North American zoos). We want them to breed soooo badly! They are gorgeous but also wonderful and interactive characters. The pair seem to have bonded well, so all our digits are crossed!

And with birds coming out there will be a new dynamic in the aviary, which is always fun to watch. The birds will select places where they want to perch, as well as sort out what areas have the best food and drinking options. Not long after, visitors get to witness birds pairing up, building nests, and interacting within the group.

This spring we are also pleased to introduce a new species of bird to The Living Treehouse, a ground-dwelling species called masked lapwings. These birds are native to Australia, which adds even more diversity to the group. Now our collection in The Living Treehouse covers bird species found all over the world from Africa, Asia, South America and Australia, in fact we think of it as an international aviary! We are looking forward to seeing what this year brings and we are pleased to work with such a diverse collection. We hope you enjoy the new additions!


Cindy Wassing
Keeper II, Birds

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