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Why should you care about venom?

Most of the time when you hear the word “venom,” you think of a toxic liquid that is “bad” or...
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The sssensational king cobra

Hi everyone! My name is Sam, and I am a Herpetology Keeper here at Zoo Atlanta. Today I’d like to...
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Wildlife preps for winter

As the colder months slowly encroach on us in Georgia, Zoo Atlanta’s Herpetology (reptiles and amphibians) Team spends time winterizing...
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Learning more about venom

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the first-annual Venomous Herpetology Symposium in Miami. What is the...
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Keeper Stories – Thursday, March 23

Snakes! When I bring a snake out during an animal presentation, I usually encounter at least one person who’s a...
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Thursday, March 10

We reptile and amphibian keepers often get asked the same questions over and over. One of the all-time most common...
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