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A busy month for the Hoofstock Team

It’s been a very busy month for the Hoofstock Team! We’re very excited to have welcomed two new animals to our team in the month of December. Our southern white rhino calf was born on Christmas Eve, and our new plains zebra, Imara, arrived just a few days later from another AZA-accredited organization. Imara has been settling in nicely. She is currently undergoing … Continue reading "A busy month for the Hoofstock Team"

Catching up with the bintlets

Hello from the Carnivore Department! The Zoo’s lions, tigers, and bears get a lot of attention for being big and pointy-toothed, but the exciting action in the carnivore area lately has been happening with our smaller, omnivorous animals – the binturongs! If you’re a big enough Zoo Atlanta fan to be reading this blog, you … Continue reading "Catching up with the bintlets"

A Tale of Three Bintlets

It’s been a little while since we discussed the Zoo’s baby binturongs, or bintlets if you prefer. A lot has happened with these guys over the past few weeks, but I guess I will start at the beginning to make sure everyone is on the same page. Starting in early 2023, we started to see breeding … Continue reading "A Tale of Three Bintlets"

Bart the Naked Mole Rat

Inspired by a true story. Bart awoke engulfed in a pile of his slumbering friends and family. While he enjoyed the warmth permeating off his siblings, it was time to wake up! He wriggled free and gave a big mole-rat stretch, took a few steps, and let out a yawn. Today was going to be … Continue reading "Bart the Naked Mole Rat"

The fascinating subfamily Polydectinae

Hark, O readers of the Keeper Stories! I—Daniel!—have returned! And this time we’re going to talk about boxer crabs. Why boxer crabs? While we don’t have this species at Zoo Atlanta, I happen to be particularly especially very much interested in crabs, and thought this could be a nice deviation from the normal scaly or … Continue reading "The fascinating subfamily Polydectinae"

Cognition in Reptiles

Reptiles just don’t get an even break in the public’s consciousness sometimes. For centuries, the public, and many biologists have dismissed them as cognitive and behavioral simpletons that simply are incapable of showing any interesting behaviors compared to the birds and mammals. Well, I hope that our wonderful readers of this column will immediately know … Continue reading "Cognition in Reptiles"

Panda Updates- Monday, February 20

It is never lost on me what a privilege it is to be able to work with the giant pandas. I was recently reminded of this fact when I watched Yang Yang’s wakeup routine. Something unique to Yang Yang is that when he first wakes up, it tends to be a very slow yawning and stretching … Continue reading "Panda Updates- Monday, February 20"

Be my Valentine: animal kingdom style

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A whole day of the year dedicated to love. Most of the humans I have encountered have some strong opinions about Valentine’s Day. Some enjoy the idea of buying expensive gifts or dressing up and going out to celebrate with a fancy meal, maybe throw in a little karaoke and dancing too! Others … Continue reading "Be my Valentine: animal kingdom style"

Panda Updates- Monday, December 26

I like to think enrichment is limited mostly by a keeper’s imagination. We try to come up with new ideas as much as possible. A recent enrichment goal was “play,” so we gave Ya Lun and Xi Lun a pool with a bubble bath and a toy floating inside. We never quite know how the pandas will … Continue reading "Panda Updates- Monday, December 26"

Sharing a passion for venomous snakes

Hey everyone!  This is Ash from the Herpetology Department back to tell you about a recent professional development opportunity that I got to go to through Zoo Atlanta called the Venomous Herpetology Symposium. This conference took place in San Antonio, TX and was sponsored by conservation groups: The Rattlesnake Conservancy and Save the Snakes.  I … Continue reading "Sharing a passion for venomous snakes"