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Reaching out through technology

For those of you who are familiar with many of my other Keeper Blogs (let’s face it, that’s just my mom. Hi Mom!), then you are well aware of my passion for finding fun ways to education people about the importance of wildlife. Typically, during the summer, my job mostly consists of working with my fellow human and animal teammates to present fun, educational presentations and close-up animal encounters for our guests. However, due to COVID-19, it was decided that the best way to help protect guests, team members and animals was to discontinue all public presentations until further notice. Seeing that educating you, our loyal and dedicated supporters (and no, I’m not just talking about my mom), is what motivates me throughout my day.

One thing you might not know about animal care professionals is that a large majority of them are introverts (why do you think they chose to work with animals? Less people.). Where I, clearly, lean much further on to the extroverted scale. Fun Fact: most ambassador animal keepers tend to be more extroverted. So, you can see my struggle. But have no fear, because for those of you who are as desperate to learn and have fun with me as I am to teach you about the fascinating world of animals, we have hope! And that hope is technology. Be sure to check out “Weird Animal Facts” and “Zoo Detective” on our social media networks and YouTube channel. You’ll be able to help me, help you, and by doing that we both are helping to protect wildlife and their homes. That’s the power of knowledge (and technology)!

Deidre O.
Keeper III, Ambassador Animals

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