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Harris Hawk

In the case of Harris hawks, birds of a feather don’t only flock together – they hunt and nest together,...
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Yellow-crested Cockatoo

With only between 1,000 and 2,500 yellow-crested cockatoos remaining in the wild, these birds are critically endangered. Like other animals...
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Grey Parrot

This endangered species, formerly known as the African grey parrot, can be found throughout the western parts of middle Africa....
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Blue-and-yellow Macaw

Macaws are large members of the parrot family found throughout Central and South America. Their bright colors and loud vocalizations...
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Baobab, aka Bob

Baobab, or “Bob” as he’s called at the theater, is a little bit of a goof.
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Lupe is one of the brightest birds at the theater – both in her colors and her smarts.
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To call Sydney a ham is an understatement.
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Fantastic Flights

An interactive wildlife presentation featuring soaring free flights and the amazing natural behaviors of raptors, owls, parrots and many more....
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