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Panda updates – Wednesday, September 9

This morning when I came in to work, all of the giant pandas were asleep except for Lun Lun. As you have probably read in recent updates, Lun Lun’s pseudopregnancy means that she has been choosing to spend a lot of time behind the scenes resting. She woke up right as I came in, so I spent the first part of my morning sitting outside of her den and just spending some time with her. I always love spending these quiet moments with the pandas before the day gets busy. She was still pretty sleepy, so I gave her time to wake up and then offered her some fresh bamboo and leafeater biscuits. When I got up to walk away, she gave me a look that very clearly read “wait, where are you going?” I have been off of work the last week, and all of the pandas know I’m a pushover, so of course the answer to Lun’s Lun’s question was the freezer. I went straight to the freezer, grabbed Lun Lun a banana, and spent a little more time with her before I got the day started. 

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Danica W.
Keeper II, Mammals

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