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Panda Updates – Wednesday, September 8

The final panda birthday for the season is coming up this week! Yang Yang, the Zoo’s adult male giant panda, is turning 24 years old tomorrow (September 9). If you are not familiar with Yang Yang, he is known as the resident goofball. He enjoys interacting with his care team, is generally very interested in participating in training, and can frequently be seen enjoying his enrichment.

24 years old is considered to be older for a panda. In the wild, he would be reaching the height of his life expectancy. However, in a human care setting, pandas can live into their low to mid-thirties as they have a much more reliable supply of food, do not have to deal with threats to their habitats, and have access to superb veterinary care to monitor any health conditions. Yang Yang certainly does not act like he is aging! He never fails to keep our days interesting.

For his birthday, he will be getting an ice “cake” with some of his favorite treats frozen inside along, with some other surprise goodies. Be sure to tune in to Zoo Atlanta’s social networks for video later, and join us in celebrating the big guy a happy birthday this week, whether you are here at the Zoo or celebrating virtually through Zoo Atlanta’s social media outlets!

Megan H.
Keeper I, Mammals

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