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Panda Updates – Wednesday, October 14

With Lun Lun being at the end of her pseudopregnancy, the Panda Care Team is observing a few signs of her returning to normal, such as an increase in appetite while also noting a slight increase in her activity levels (still only slightly, as Lun Lun is still spending more time sleeping than she is eating). With Lun venturing out from the behind-the-dens spaces, this means that guests might have a chance to see all four giant pandas out on habitat. There is a chance, however, you may see a habitat unoccupied while you’re visiting the Zoo because the Panda Care Team also has a behind-the-scenes outdoor habitat that is not viewable to guests where we like to give the bears the option of spending time. As it starts to remain cooler, we will begin to utilize this habitat more. This area is full of naturally growing bamboo, which is great because it gives the bears the opportunity to harvest their own bamboo. If you’re interested, you can find past panda updates that include pictures and videos of the bears spending time in the behind-the-scenes habitat. 

Amanda D.
Keeper I, Mammals

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