The KIDZone playground, Treetop Trail,  Zoo Train and Endangered Species Carousel will be closed May 16 – 20.

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Panda Updates – Wednesday, October 10

Throughout the year, giant pandas go through fairly large fluctuations in weight. Yang Yang, for example, can go from about 123 kilograms (270 pounds) to about 138-140 kilograms (303-308 pounds) in a year. Right now, as expected, they are on the lower end of their spectrum as we are coming out of summer, and they tend to eat a bit less in the summer. With winter fast approaching, they will all begin eating more and packing on the pounds soon. Not surprisingly, they are at their heaviest during shoot season when they tend to gorge themselves on the delicious bamboo shoots that pop up around springtime.
Keeper II, Mammals

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