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Panda Updates – Wednesday, May 5

All animals at Zoo Atlanta receive enrichment on a daily basis. We have a very robust Zoo-wide program for enrichment, which allows animals to demonstrate their species-specific behaviors while exercising choice over their activities.  

Over at the red panda habitat, I put Jackie’s midday snack into a Kong ball. My goal was to solicit a manipulation-type of behavior, which is a natural behavior for red pandas in the wild. This type of behavior would likely be seen by red pandas manipulating bamboo to get to the best and most nutritious leaves, or even manipulating prey that they caught.

In this case, Jackie used his claws and paws to work the leafeater biscuits and fruit out of his Kong feeder. He worked at his feeder until he got all of his treats out and seemed to really enjoy the process.

(photo: Trish J.)

Trish J.
Keeper I, Mammals

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