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Panda Updates – Wednesday, May 22

Hanging the extra hammock in one of the behind-the-scenes dens has been a huge hit with the adult giant pandas. You recently saw a picture of Yang Yang snoozing away; well, here you can see a picture of Lun Lun passed out after gorging herself on bamboo shoots. She looks really relaxed! The twins got to see the hammock hung a couple of nights ago, but they were a little unsure of the new change to their behind-the-scenes area and were not completely enthralled and in love with it as their parents were. This isn’t too surprising, as giant pandas are notorious for being wary of anything that’s new. The twins did sleep in the hammock overnight, or at least we think they did because someone defecated in it, but while the team was in the building we didn’t see much interaction from the twins. Oh well, at least the adults seemed appreciative!
Jen W.
Keeper III, Mammals
(photo courtesy of Jen W.)

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