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Panda Updates- Wednesday, May 18

It’s gotten warmer in Atlanta, which means we will be using the outdoor habitats less and less. The giant pandas have thick fur with a dense undercoat, so they prefer cooler temperatures. Some mornings now often start off cool enough for the giant pandas to enjoy being outside, but by lunchtime they are ready for some air conditioning. We want the giant pandas to be able to roam the spacious outdoor habitats, but also to have the option to cool down whenever they need to. To make that possible, we can provide them with access to both an outdoor habitat and an air-conditioned indoor space at the same time. Recently, twins Xi Lun and Ya Lun spent a cool morning napping in the outdoor habitats, but by lunchtime it was over 75 degrees Fahrenheit, so we gave them the choice to come indoors or stay outside. They came in to eat bamboo for a little while and spent the rest of the afternoon napping right in the doorway, getting the best of both worlds! 

In this picture, the twins had just come in from outside and are chilling out, eating a snack in the air conditioning. If you look closely, you can see a series of open doors behind Xi Lun- that leads outside! 

(Photo: Michelle E.)

Michelle E.
Keeper III, Mammals

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