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Panda Updates – Wednesday, March 21

Things have been status-quo in PandaLand for the last few days, which makes things rather uneventful (which is good!). That being said, I don’t know about you but all, these weather and temperature fluctuations from Mother Nature are wreaking havoc on my sinuses! The giant pandas are taking it in stride as always, except for Yang Yang, who has decided that he simply can’t “panda” in the mornings and needs to sleep in a little more. Of course who can say no to him when he’s flopped over like he tends to do? Maybe this is where the twins get their “Let’s-just-sleep-in-a-little-more” personality traits, because Lun Lun is almost always ready and waiting for fresh food in the morning! One thing is for sure: The twins have without a doubt inherited some of their dad’s dramatic flair!
Jen W.
Keeper III, Mammals

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