Zoo Atlanta will have a delayed opening this Saturday, April 27 due to the Run Like Wild 5K race. Gates will open at 9:30 a.m. 

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Panda Updates- Wednesday, June 29

As an intern here at Zoo Atlanta with the Panda Care Team, I have learned a lot about the husbandry of these amazing bears! My duties have included preparing diets, cleaning dayrooms, dens and habitats, and creating enrichment for the giant pandas and Jackie, the red panda here at the Zoo. 

Enrichment is an important part of the care of Zoo animals. It encourages them to engage in natural behaviors and quite literally “enrich” their everyday lives. You may have seen painted boxes or bags in with the bears and Jackie. These add something interesting for you, the visitor to look at, as well as something for the animals to interact with. They get to tear apart the boxes and bags to get at the delicious treats inside. Enrichment can also come in the form of training or feeding sessions. Next time you’re at Zoo Atlanta, keep an eye out for enrichment!

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