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Panda Updates – Wednesday, July 25

As I only work in this area every once in a while, I saw how the skilled giant panda care team weighs the two twins. When they come inside from their habitats, they come together. For someone who doesn’t see them too often, it can be difficult to identify the both of them. To weigh them, the team puts a couple of leafeater biscuits, a piece of apple, and a slice of sweet potato in a bowl, and then place it onto the scale. After having identified Xi Lun as having the larger swooshes under her eyes, she gets shifted onto the scale first while Ya Lun gets a piece of banana. The panda caregivers know that she will not eat the sweet potato. After they get Xi Lun’s weight, she is given a piece of bamboo, and Ya Lun is then shifted onto the scale and gets her sweet potato while the care team gets her weight.
Keeper III, Mammals

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