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Panda Updates – Wednesday, July 21

Hey everyone! If you haven’t seen yet, this week is National Zookeepers Week! I know all of us animal care professionals love and appreciate all of the support, not only all throughout the year, but especially when we are celebrated for a full week each year! A lot of groups in the Zoo have planned lunches, ice cream socials, and even special Wild Encounters for keepers this week. That’s right, Wild Encounters for keepers! It is strange to think, but really, being a keeper, you don’t always see and interact with other areas and the animals in their care. Since I am a Swing Keeper in our Mammal Department (carnivores, pandas and hoofstock) I don’t really see the primates very often, so I am very excited to get a behind the scenes look at our gorilla area! Likewise, some of the other teams don’t often get to see the giant pandas, and I know a lot of them can’t wait to get their behind-the-scenes Wild Encounter! I love sharing what we do with fellow keepers and of course all of you; it’s part of why I love being a keeper! So if you’re at the Zoo this week, be sure to wish any animal care professional you see a happy National Zookeepers Week!

Adrianna L.
Keeper II, Mammals

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