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Panda Updates – Wednesday, January 15

It has been a rainy week in Atlanta! Thankfully, the giant pandas have been staying nice and dry in the dayrooms. The rainy weather also means that the pandas’ bamboo is especially fresh. Normally in our hot state with its intense sun, our bamboo technicians have to be careful to not let the bamboo dry out as they are harvesting it and transporting it back to the Zoo. Once it’s at the Zoo, it stays in our misting coolers for a few days before being fed out. Thanks to all this rain, however, the bamboo stays well hydrated! Today we opened a bundle of bamboo that was extremely popular with the pandas. Lun Lun completely shredded a few pieces, and Ya Lun stayed inside to demolish the piece she was eating instead of shifting out to the dayroom full of other bamboo (Xi Lun had no such hesitation and went out to chow down in the dayroom). While rain around the Zoo certainly brings its challenges and messes, I’m glad the pandas are reaping the benefits of a perpetual misting machine!
Michelle E.
Keeper III, Mammals

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