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Panda Updates – Wednesday, February 14

Everyone knows that our resident male, Yang Yang, is a class-A clown and eternal cub-at-heart. While Lun Lun is more of a “businesswoman,” when the mood strikes she can get very playful. Her little shadows have been making sure that Mom doesn’t spend too much time eating or sleeping lately. We’ve noticed a pattern over the last week or so that while lunchtime means naptime for Lun Lun, it’s playtime for the girls. Like clockwork, Lun Lun schedules a morning siesta around Noon, and that’s about the same time Ya Lun usually wakes up and decides that she needs to burn a lot of energy … like now. If Mom’s asleep, that’s no problem! Ya Lun has developed the ability to pester her mom into abandoning any thought of naptime and rouses/forces her to play. Oddly enough, Ya Lun lets her sister continue her nap, but eventually the noises wakes Xi Lun and she joins in the fun right about the same time that Ya Lun decides to take a break. Translation: Lun Lun hasn’t been getting very many naps lately.
Jen W.
Keeper III, Mammals

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