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Panda Updates – Wednesday, December 13

The cubs are acting more and more like adult giant pandas each day. They’re eating bamboo more frequently, interacting with their enrichment, and have been working on simple training behaviors. As the girls get older we are able to see their individuality and preferences show more often, too. They have really gotten into self-anointing, which is a natural behaviors panda display when they encounter an odor they enjoy. They will rub it on themselves to spread the smell all over their body. While this is a natural and important part of giant panda behavior, it is still quite comical and fun to watch. Xi Lun and Ya Lun really seem to enjoy the scents of vanilla, cinnamon and rubbing alcohol. All of these scents and liquids are pre-approved by our veterinary staff, and given in small enough quantities that would not cause harm if ingested. Today I put some rubbing alcohol near one of the cubs’ favorite toys and left it near Xi Lun. Enjoy!
Danica W.
Swing Keeper I, Mammals

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