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Panda Updates – Wednesday, August 7

We get a weight on each of the giant pandas twice a day (They are both currently about 60 kg). For the twins, we will put a piece of sweet potato and a piece of apple on the scale and ask each sub-adult to come in one at a time. As you might already know, Xi Lun is not a fan of sweet potato, so she will get on the scale and only consume the apple slice. This allows us to get a weight on Xi Lun and then once she’s off the scale, we let Ya Lun in to get her weight. Well, after we get a weight on each of the twins, we spend time ensuring that they each get a set amount of their diet before placing the rest of it out into the dayroom. And just as you might recall concerning Xi Lun’s distaste of sweet potato, she’s never been a huge fan of sugarcane either. Well, that changed today as Keeper Danica offered her a piece and she grabbed it and proceeded to eat it! Looks like Xi Lun might have an interest in it after all! 
Amanda D.
Keeper I, Mammals

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