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Panda Updates – Wednesday, August 30

It has been months since I last got to take care of these bears, and my oh my, how much they have grown!

Since the weather lately has been nice and cool in the mornings, we have decided to let the girls explore their outdoor habitat first thing in the morning. Lun Lun of course goes straight outside and starts eating. Xi Lun wasn’t too far behind her and seemed curious but cautious of her new surroundings. She would explore close to the shift door, and would peek in on us cleaning her dayroom through the window. After Ya Lun finally decided to wake up, she joined her mom and sister outside, and she too was curious of her new surroundings. While exploring the two girls came upon their new climbing structure, and of course as pandas do, started to climb all on it. It still amazes me how fast these bears grow. It didn’t seem too long ago, we were feeding them every two hours and even needed to help them go to the bathroom. Now they are big girls doing it all on their own.

Stay tuned to see what else is coming up in Panda Land!
Katie G.
Keeper III, Mammals
(Photo by Jen W.)

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