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Panda Updates – Wednesday, August 29

On August 25, we celebrated the birthday of a very special member of our Zoo Atlanta family. Lun Lun turned 21 years old! Last year, Lun Lun shared her birthday enrichment with Ya Lun and Xi Lun, but this year she had everything all to herself and didn’t have to worry about two youngsters stealing her goodies. Her care team provided her with ice treats full of bananas and scented with cinnamon, as well as decorated cardboard boxes stuffed with leafeater biscuits.

In their native habitats in the wild, giant pandas generally live into their late teens and early twenties. At 21, Lun Lun would be at or near the end of her lifespan. In human care, giant pandas can live into their late twenties and even thirties, thanks to a neverending supply of bamboo, a safe place to live, and outstanding veterinary care. Our training with the giant pandas (and all of the animals here at Zoo Atlanta) allow us to ask them to participate in their own care. These positive relationships and trained behaviors help us ensure that we are able to actively monitor their health and address concerns as they arise. This is particularly important for animals as they reach their geriatric years. Lun Lun might be a year older, but she is in great health and enjoying her days. We’re very lucky that Lun Lun is here with us at Zoo Atlanta, and thankful for all of the great contributions she has made as an animal ambassador for her species, her phenomenal care for her cubs, and the smiles she brings us each day.
Danica W.
Keeper I, Mammals

(photo by Shauna)

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