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Panda Updates – Wednesday, April 26

Yesterday was my first day working in pandas in a long time. Many things around the building don’t change. The routine is the same, and, of course, there is always bamboo to be dealt with. The one big change I experienced was with the cubs. They are HUGE! The last time I got to work with them, they were both about 10 pounds. This time, however, they are both pushing 30 pounds. Quite a bit of difference. Also, I love it that their personalities have really come out. While giving Xi Lun her bottle in the afternoon, she was very calm and contented to sit and just relax. As it was my first time in a long time, I may have taken just a little longer to feed them than the other keepers. When she was finished, I was able to feed Ya Lun. I was kind of expecting the same thing. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Ya Lun was fairly calm while she was drinking her bottle, but as soon as it was gone, the games began. She was one wriggling, squirming ball of energy. There was just no sitting still in her. Even at 30 pounds, she was quite the handful. After I was finished feeding them, we put them together in the den and an immediate wrestling match ensued, Ya Lun leading the way of course. I hope I am over here a little more often in the future. I don’t want to come back next time and have them be 50 pounds.
Kenn H.
Assistant Curator of Mammals

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