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Panda Updates – Wednesday, April 18

The giant panda hammock is back! Remember that hammock that was purchased a while back? It didn’t last too long in the dayroom before the weight of giant pandas and the twins’ roughhousing got the better of it! Thankfully the company who supplied the hammock was more than willing to help us out by creating different attachment points that can hopefully take a little more of a beating. So you should see its reappearance very soon! Creating enrichment for wild animals can be challenging because it needs to be durable, safe and, in many cases, natural looking. The Zoo does its best to keep the animals in as close to natural habitats as we can. Since the pandas’ dayrooms are indoors, we have the ability to have a hammock in there. But the pandas’ outdoor habitats remain as naturalistic as possible. Keep your fingers crossed that the hammock v2.0 will be a keeper!
Jen W.
Keeper III, Mammals

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