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Panda Updates- Thursday, June 8

We’re pleased to be able to share a special “guest panda update” from Dr. Sam today about some recent eye treatments for Lun Lun. Read on to learn more:

“We have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with giant pandas for almost 25 years. Over the years, we’ve learned a great deal about the veterinary care of giant pandas. We continue to work closely with our friends and colleagues at the panda base in Chengdu, China, sharing knowledge based on our mutual experiences. Lun Lun has been at Zoo Atlanta since 1999, and at 25 years old, is in her golden years. Giant pandas are no different from many of our other beloved animals in that as they age (similar to humans), close attention must be paid to medical conditions that can arise. Recently Lun Lun has developed some eye abnormalities. Like many other aging animals, giant pandas are susceptible to developing degenerative eye conditions. We are currently treating Lun Lun for ocular abnormalities that include cataracts, glaucoma, and corneal disease. Lun Lun is responding well to treatment and appears to be stable and comfortable. We are working closely with our colleagues at the panda base in China to ensure we are providing her with the best care possible.”


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