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Panda Updates- Thursday, August 25

The Queen is 25! Today we celebrate Lun Lun’s 25th birthday! Her care team spent the last week making her an ice “cake” with bamboo and sweet potato “candles,” some scented ice cakes (cinnamon and vanilla), present bags filled with leafeater biscuits, and a lovely birthday banner. She also had a number 25 made of ice filled with bananas and apples! Yum!

Lun Lun ate the sweet potato “flames” immediately and tore up her bags, then decided bamboo was more enticing than the rest of her birthday surprises, but she eventually made her way around the room and investigated and shredded everything that she could before taking her afternoon nap. What a milestone for Lun Lun and those of us who care for her!

Happy Quarter of a Century, Lun Lun! 

Heather R.
Senior Keeper, Carnivores


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