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Panda Updates – Monday, September 18

It’s been a while since we talked about the girls’ personalities, so I wanted to share a few quirks that I have noticed about each panda. Ya Lun is a crazy and active cub. She’s built like a little tank, and it’s evident in how she plays. Recently I watched her throw herself off a log and into the air and try to grab a piece of bamboo from the top of one of the dayroom structures. She is the more outgoing of the two, and she usually tries new things first. She reminds me a lot of Mei Huan, and I’ve even heard other keepers say that she reminds them of Xi Lan.

Xi Lun (pictured), on the other hand, is more “spooky.” She is a little more sensitive to noises and routine changes and would rather watch her mom and sister’s reactions before exploring new things. She likes to play, but she also likes to keep to herself. Despite loving biscuits, she is quick to ignore the keepers’ offerings if yummy bamboo leaves are present. She reminds me a lot of Mei Lun, and she reminds other keepers of Po. I’m sure the girls will continue to change as they get older, but it’s always fun to think about how their personalities fit into the Zoo Atlanta giant panda family. One thing is for sure, these two little ladies have a special place in our hearts, just like their parents and older siblings!
Jennifer A.
Keeper II, Mammals

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