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Panda Updates – Monday, September 18

It has been several months now since we have completed the new structures in each of the giant panda dayrooms. As you may have seen, the structures that were in both of the indoor areas were replaced and upgraded to multi-tiered structures. With time, we have now been able to see how each of the pandas are enjoying these new structures and the trends they have started. Yang Yang’s favorite place to rest is the lower platform of each of the structures, but you can occasionally find him napping on the highest platform in Dayroom 2. Lun Lun, to no one’s surprise, enjoys sitting in the hammocks of each of the structures the most. Xi Lun tends to snuggle into a nook in the perching of each of the platforms to rest, but prefers to eat either leaning on perching or sitting in the hammocks like her mother. We have also noticed that she has recently taken an interest in people watching. If you see a panda resting against some of the new logs and looking out the windows very stoically, it is most likely Xi Lun. Ya Lun (pictured) seems to prefer to sleep on the soft mulch of the dayroom flooring but likes to eat on the highest platform of Dayroom 2 or seated very upright on some of the perching. Next time you stop by or check out PandaCam, see if you notice any of these trends!

Megan R.
Keeper II, Mammals

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