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Panda Updates- Monday, September 12

It’s panda birthday season here at Zoo Atlanta! On August 25, Lun Lun turned 25! On Saturday, September 3, the twins turned 6 years old! And, last, but never least, Yang Yang turned 25 on September 9! Keepers offered the pandas ice treats and decorated bags and boxes on each of their birthdays, which they all enjoyed! Since Play the Animal Way also occurred on the twins’ birthday, we decided to throw a joint birthday party for the twins and Yang Yang on September 10. Yang Yang had two birthday parties in a row! He was in heaven! While Ya Lun participated in her actual birthday party on September 3, she choose not to join Xi Lun in birthday enrichment on September 10th’s festivities. Sometimes Ya Lun enjoys enrichment and sometimes she doesn’t; it’s just who she is. It’s been a busy, but fun birthday season for the pandas and their care team.

Personally, for me, celebrating the twins’ sixth birthday was especially meaningful. The first birthdays I celebrated with Yang Yang and Lun Lun were their sixth birthdays, so it feels like coming full circle. Having the twins’ stay at Zoo Atlanta longer than is typical for giant panda offspring has been a true joy for me. Taking care of them from birth to maturity has taught me even more about giant pandas and has been a wonderful experience. 

Heather R.
Senior Keeper, Carnivores

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