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Panda Updates – Monday, October 7

Fall is finally here, and for the Panda Care Team, that means the giant pandas can spend some time in their outdoor habitats! Well, for at least part of the day! It’s still a little too warm in the late afternoons for the giant pandas, but yesterday morning was a crisp 66 degrees, which meant Yang Yang was able to enjoy some time in the outdoor habitat. Yang Yang spent a good portion of his morning eating bamboo and then afterwards he took a nice, long nap on the structure. 

Lun Lun and the twins spent the morning in our climate-controlled dayrooms, but with the cooler mornings we’ve been having, everyone will start to get a turn spending some time outside! Since Lun Lun and Yang Yang never share space with each other or with the twins, this means we usually have one of the giant pandas (or the twins) in their behind-the-scenes dens, but cooler weather also means that both the dayrooms and the outdoor habitats can be used, meaning no one is behind the scenes. So, if you stop by the Zoo while the weather is cooler, there is a good chance you will see all four of the giant pandas in the habitats!
Amanda D.
Keeper I, Mammals

(photo by Amanda D.)

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