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Panda Updates – Monday, October 15

As mentioned in previous updates, we are nearing the end of Lun Lun’s pseudopregnancy, and the recent cool weather has allowed us to utilize our outdoor habitats. While Yang Yang and the twins spent time outside, we were able to give Lun Lun access to both dayrooms. She utilized all of the space to the fullest, and took naps in the hammock and on top of both structures. We are still closely monitoring her for signs that she wants to come back into her behind-the-scenes dens. She’s a bit sleepy, and the behind-the-scenes areas provide a quiet place where we can turn the lights out. We’ve been happy to see that she is enjoying spending time in the dayrooms, and by the time she comes out of her pseudopregnancy it should be nice and cool out so she can enjoy the outdoor habitats as well. In the meantime, she’s spending the majority of time behind the scenes with her care team, with frequent leafeater biscuit and banana breaks throughout the day.
Danica W.
Swing Keeper I, Mammals

(photo by Danica W.)

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