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Panda Updates- Monday, November 28

In the last few weeks, we have received some much-needed updates to our camera systems in the giant panda building and outdoor habitats. Some very attentive PandaCam viewers may have noticed a few changes to PandaCam that came along with this. One of the changes is that some of our cameras that did not have an associated infrared light now do. This means that the pandas may be seen on camera when it is dark overnight without any light disturbance to the pandas themselves. Another change is that one of our outdoor habitats, known to us as Habitat 1, may be streamed to PandaCam. The cameras in this habitat have not been able to stream to the PandaCam server for many years now, and this problem has been resolved. These updates give us more flexibility for what we are able to share with you. They also give us greater visibility of the bears as we check on them to continue to give them the best level of care possible.

(photo: Megan H.)

Megan H.
Keeper II, Mammals

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